Theater in French

The Theater in French Group ispresented two performances in French for the Charlotte French Festival .

The play: Three Comedies in French

Le commissaire est bon enfant (Courteline)

Le Commissaire est bon enfant is a one-act comedy by Georges Courteline. It was first performed on December 16, 1899 at the Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell in Paris.


Les Boulingrin (Courteline)


Hortense a dit "je m'en fous" (Feydeau)

Free admission - Donations are welcome

Your donation will help the Theater in French Group to grow and to plan next season.

Dates and Venue

Friday July 21 at 7:30p.m. and

Sunday July 23 at 5p.m.

International House - Auditorium

1817 Central Avenue, Suite 215

Charlotte, NC 28205